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R. R. Nautiyal, Rajlakshmi Datta

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This book in two volumes is a developmental discourse for 'mountain perspective development'. The book unfolds the journey of the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand since its inception and covers the journey of fifteen years and beyond. Twenty different dimensions with exhaustive time series and cross section data, critical analysis and policy asks by experts give a special place to this book for 'Himalayan model of development'. The volumes will act as ready references for policymakers, bureaucrats, scientists, academicians, researchers and students not only for the state but also for all the Himalayan states of the country and abroad.

The common characteristics and challenges of Himalayan region and the distinction from plain region as often cited by the authors create a strong platform for a focused dialogue towards separate policy of development for 'The Himalayan States of India' and sets 'An Agenda of Sustainable Development for the Himalayan states ' through the course of action for Uttarakhand .


Prof. R.R. Nautiyal has retired as a Professor from the Department of Economics, HNB Garhwal Central University on July 2017. He has served the University for more than 40 years in various capacities. He has been the head and convener of Department of Economics of HNB Garhwal Central University. He is Masters in Economics and a Masters in Education with  DPhil degree. He has published significant research papers in national and international journals and has been member of various boards and academic committees throughout the country. He has supervised a number of PhD scholars and specializes in banking, finance and regional development. He has authored a number of books. He has been the co editor of a significant book titled 'Uttarakhand in turmoil' along with Prof Annpurna Nautiyal. He has been invited expert in various selection committees in the country and as academic expert in conferences and seminars.

Dr. Rajlakshmi Datta is presently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics, DBS PG College, Dehradun, Uttarakhand. She has served as a faculty in the Department of Economics, HNB Garhwal Central University, Srinagar and School of Social Sciences, Doon University ,Dehradun. Dr. Datta is exclusively working on mountain development for more than a decade. She is a masters in economics from  Calcutta  University and a  MBA in Finance  from IMT  Ghaziabad. She holds bachelors and masters degree in education as well. Dr. Datta is a passionate researcher on Himalayan development and holds Masters degree in GIS and Remote Sensing to supplement her research. She is UGC NET qualified and has done her DPhil in Economics from HNB Garhwal University. Dr. Datta has presented research papers and published research papers in various national and international journals. She has chaired technical sessions in seminars and has been resource person in faculty development programmes[FDPs]. She has completed two Uttarakhand planning department sponsored SSS research projects which have been well received at the policy level. She has been awarded research grant from ICSSR also. She had the opportunity to receive the 'best paper award' in many conferences in the country. Her paper co-authored with Dr. Rita Ray was selected in the American Economic Association. She is a reviewer for SAGE journals. Dr. Datta has extensively worked  in the fields on various issues in all the thirteen districts of Uttarakhand and many of the Himalayan States. She specializes in Econometrics and Statistics, Economics of Education, Labour and Himalayan Development.



Foreword . 9

Preface . 13

Introduction 17

List of Contributors . 31

Banking, Resource Planning and Macro Economic Indicators

1. Role of Banks for the Development of the Mountain State of Uttarakhand: An Analysis with Some Major Indicators . 35
R.R. Nautiyal

2. Examining Select Macro-Economy Indicators for Uttarakhand . 59
Pankaj Naithani

3. Planning and Resource Allocation in the Himalayan State of Uttarakhand -An Appraisal of Last three Five Year Plans . 77
B.K. Joshi and Bharti Jaiswal

Agricuture, Horticulture, Forestry and Climate

4. Uttarakhand Agriculture: Has there been a Paradigm Shift Over the Years? . 97
Subhash Nautiyal

5. Horticulture in Uttarakhand: Production, Marketing, Constraints and New Avenues of Development in Last One and a Half Decade . 115
Mamta Bohra, Ghan Shyam Abrol and B.P. Nautiyal

6. State of Forests and Biodiversity in Uttarakhand during Last 15 Years . 135
Jai Raj

7. Climate and Development: A Diagnostic Assessment since the Formation of Uttarakhand . 157
Vishal Singh and Anvita Pandey

Industry, Power and Infrastructure

8. Dynamics of Uttarakhand Industries in last 15 years and the Future Agenda . 179
Sudhir Chandra Nautiyal

9. Power Scenario in Uttarakhand since its Formation 201
Avinash Chandra Joshi and Ajay Kumar Singh

10. Has Infrastructure Development Changed the Course of Development in Uttarakhand Anyway? 215
P.S. Rana and Akansha Rawat

People and the Issue of Transition

11. Uttarakhand’s Socio-Political Performance as a New Political Entity: A Judgement 239
Annpurna Nautiyal

12. Gender and Development: Some Evidences from Uttarakhand 261
Indoo Pandey Khanduri

13. Issue of Migration and Labour Market Policies in Uttarakhand 279
Atul Singh

14. An Inquiry into the Demographic Transition in Uttarakhand 309
Madhu Bisht and Jagriti Jaiswal

Some Forte for the State

15. A Conceptual Framework on Tourism of Uttarakhand through Alternative Approaches 333
Kavita Bhatt

16. Water Resource and Mineral Resource Utilisation in Uttarakhand: A Dream Becoming Increasingly Elusive 349
A K Biyani

17. Animal Husbandry in Uttarakhand: A Potential Sector for Livelihood Generation and Economic Empowerment 375
Manoj Kumar Pant and Preeti Kathuria

Human Development

18. Labour Force Participation, Composition, Skill Requirement and Future Challenges: An Investigation for the Mountain State Uttarakhand 401
Dhanya M B and Rajlakshmi Datta

19. Child Health and Maternal Health in Uttarakhand: Where does this Hill State Stand after 15 years? 429
Rita Ray

20. Elementary Education in the Himalayan State of Uttarakhand: Examining the Past and the Present with a Future Agenda 473
Rajlakshmi Datta and Amrita Jaiswal

Index 515


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