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Adhikarla S. Rao

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India is highly populated and diverse and has numerous problems and attitudes. Present book helps people from wide variety of backgrounds to improve their wisdom by reflecting on the contents and actively participate in the process of nation's building.  Author did his bit towards the above endeavour in his three books Viz; Thoughts on Higher Education; An Introduction ot the Regulation of Primary Metabolic Pathways and A Brief Introduction to Holy Quraaan...”.

Readers are advised first to read critically & introspectively the title, preface and contents. Further they are recommended to read the author's earlier books mentioned on the cover. Book attempts to appraise in the form of short and sensible sentences numerous view points and issues relevant to the country. In a short time the text can create a large amount of awareness among large number of people who can become an asset to the country. Matter in the text is also relevant to other under-developed and developing countries.


Professor A. S. Rao, professionally is a Biochemist and served Haryana Agricultural University and Bharathidasan University. Before retiring, held many important positions in Bharathidasan University . Has three decades of teaching, research and administrative experience. Further had interactions at different institutes at Switzerland, U.K, France, Germany, Netherlands, and Singapore getting  enlightened about pedagogy, research, policy matters, social,  national and International welfare.


Foreword . 7

Preface . 9

Acknowledgement . 11

Part – I

Cryptic Comparision of Thoughts of Some Philosophies . 13
(A) Some Analogies in Advaita Philosophy (v}Sr fl¼kar) (B) Glimpses of Saint kabir (lar dchj) (C) An Abstract of the ancient Thirukkural (Tamil) of Saint Thiruvalluvar (D) Bhagawad Geetha (Hkxon~xhr) Chalisa (40 Verses) – A study for beginners (E) Fate and Free Will (F) Bhaja Govindam (Hkt xksfoUne) Hymns of Adi Shankarachacharya (vkfn 'ukdjkpk;Z) (G) Names of Allah in Shiva Sahsra Naamam (f'ko lglz uke), 1008 Names of Lord Shiva) (H) Philosophy – A general Discourse (I) Universal
Ashtotthara Naama satham ( 108 attributes in Sanskrit (laLd`r) which may be chanted for any God/Diety (J) Buddhism, Jainism and Sikkhism. (To know about Abrahamic relgions— Judaism, Christianity and Islam, readers are recommended to read the book “A brief introduction to Holy Quraan for the present day inquisitive, skeptical and argumentative beginners of all social groups and research oriented academicians in the world” 2017, published by Kalpaz Publications, New Delhi).

Part – II

444 Points to Ponder . 69
(A) Economics, History, Sociology and Politics (EHSP) (B) Edcuation, Science& Technology (EST)— (Many aspects of Education and Science & Technology have been appraised in the book “Thoughts on Higher Education”, Klapaz Publications, New Delhi, 2015. Readers particularly the well educated and policy planners are recommended to read this book.) (C) Philosophy and Religion (PR). (D) Quotes and Quips (QQ).

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