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Dinkar G. Wagle

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Symbols are amazing creations. They rule our lives. When we overestimate their power, we suffer and when we underestimate their power, we suffer. Just what is a symbol? Why are they so important to us? Symbols are all we have to communicate with one another, to share our ideas and feelings. Why every word you use is a symbol and nothing more and nothing less. Much art deals with symbols, ultimately becomes symbolic. Enjoy the symbols around you and learn how to use them and l i fe wi l l be that much more worthwhile. The origin of symbols more than 125,000 years ago when the Ethiopians Cushites migrated to India and used these symbols extensively for communication. The knowledge of symbols comes from cuneiforms and hieroglyphs found in Sumer, Mesopotamia and Egypt respectively. From the excavations, Indus Valley symbols traveled to Persia and Greece. The ancient Indian as well as the Middle Eastern culture is based on symbols.


Dinkar G. Wagle Education: 1953: B.Sc. (Physics/Chemistry) -- University of Bombay – First class honors; 1955: B.Sc. Tech-Engineering-- University of Bombay - First Class first; 1957: M.B.A - University of Birmingham, U. K.; 1959: M.Sc. -- Engineering - University of Birmingham - U.K.; 1959: Research Fellow at McGill University, Montreal, Canada; 1962: Doctor of Philosophy: McGill University, Montreal, Canada. I was one of the very few students who completed undergraduate studies in India and post graduate studies in England and Canada on full scholarships

Professional Experience: 1957 -1959: Research Engineer: British Petroleum: U.K.; 1962 - 1975: Research Scientist and Project Management: DuPont
Company; 1975- 1996: Sr. Project Management-International Paper company.

Received 12 U.S.Patents Teaching Experience:1964 -1975 Associate Professor of Engineering at Weidner University, Chester, PA-- taught Thermodynamics, Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer; 1995-2001- Asso. Professor of mathematics and Management at Mount St. Mary College, NY; 2001-2007 –Professor of Mathematics and Business Administration at Sienna College, Albany, NY .—initiated a two new courses in Business school.. 


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