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Cheithou Charles Yuhlung

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The book is a monumental work on the Chothe an old tribe of Manipur, Northeast India. It describes about the Chothes in a holistic manner concerning their indigenous religion, mythology, origin, marriage, economy and political systems. It also elaborates on their folk cultures like festivals, merit feasts, folktales, folksongs, dance, music, games and sports. It reflects the changes of their attitudes and worldviews from traditionalism to modernity. It also provides a glimpse to the unsolved mystery regarding the identity of Pakhangpa the first historical king of Manipur and his parentage. Besides, it provides various sociological and historical insights about the past ethos of the Chothe and the neighbouring communities. Serious academicians, scholars, bureaucrats, intellectuals, laymen and students worldwide may find it's relevancy for their analytical study related to the tribal studies.


Dr. Cheithou Charles Yuhlung completed his B.A (2000) from St. Edmund's College, Shillong, M.A (2002), and Ph.D (2011) from the Dept. of Sociology, North Eastern Hill University (NEHU), Shillong. He served as Research Associate (2011-12) in an UPE-Project, Dept. of Philosophy, NEHU, and as Research Assistant (2006) in an evaluation team for an International NGO (IWGIA). He was the chief editor for a book entitled 'Northeast India Tribal Studies: An Insider's View' (2015). He has published several papers in International and National journals like Sociological Bulletin, IOSR-JHSS, Tribal Health Bulletin, JAHM, PLSI and so on. He also taught in William Carrey University and Women's College, Shillong (2012-2014). He is the General Secretary of NEITRA. Currently, he is pursuing his Post-Doctoral Research in Dept. of Anthropology, Guwahati University, Assam.


Volume - I

Foreword . 9

Acknowledgements . 11

Preface . 13

Abbreviation . 17

List of Tables . 19

Glossary . 21

1. Introduction .43
• The Study of Religion: Definition • Brief Profile of the Chothe Tribe • Statement of the Problem of the Study • Objective of the Study • Research
Methodology • Chapterisation and Key Issues of the Study • The Confusion of the Chothe and Purum Tribes • Theoretical Formulation • A General
View on Religion • Notes.

2. Introducing the Chothe . 73
• Introduction: Geographical Location • Historical Background: Genesis of the Chothe • The Three Regional Chothes • Migration • Demography:
Factors and Consequences Leading to De-population • Wars and Battles Chothe Involved in the Past • Literacy • Relation with the Neighbouring
Tribes and their Influence • Notes.

3. Chothe Institutions .114
• Introduction • Kinship: Marriage and Family • Some Important Persons in the Society • Chothe Economy • Occupation and Employment
• Measurements: Length and Volume • Indigenous Rice of Chothe • Chothe Beverage and Wine (Zu) • Types of House • Notes.
4. Chothe Mythology: The Basic Foundation of their

Belief and Practices .157
• Introduction: Myth and Legend • Chothe Indigenous Religion • Chothe Genealogical Myth • Brief Analysis of the Chothe Genealogical Myth
• The Legend of Chothe Thangwai Pakhangpa • Moirang Ningthourol Lambuba (MNL): Pakhangpa at Moirang • Meitei Mythology of Pakhangpa
• Notes.

5. Chothe Religious Belief System .215
• Introduction • Chothe Pantheon: Cosmic and Nature Worship • Concept of Three Worlds • Soul • Totem: Definition • Superstition: Sign, Omen,
Dream and Curse • Some Common Superstitions of Chothe • Dreams • Curse • Taboo • Ghost and Spirit • Notes.

Volume - II

Abbreviation. 267

List of Tables 269

List of Pictures . 271

6. Chothe Religious Practices . 275
• Introduction • Rites-de-passage (Birth, Initiation Rite, Marriage and Death Ceremonies) • Re-birth and Re-incarnation • The Sword Bearer (Chaampupa)
and the Basket Carrier (Laan-thingpa) • The Death Commemoration Ceremony • Unnatural Death • The Chothe Grave: Design, Symbols and
Meanings • Chothe Rites and Rituals • Talisman, Charms and the Fetish • Christian Visionary and Healers • Notes.

7. Festivals of the Chothe . 339
• Introduction • Festivals of Chothe • The Innampei Lin/ Rhin (2006) • The Achui Lin/Rhin Festival • Analysis of the Festivals • Merit Feast (Lohchou-
Maichou) • Notes.

8. Folk Culture of Chothe . 371
• Introduction • Chothe Traditional Attire • Chothe Dance • Musical Instruments of Chothe • Indigenous Games and Sports of Chothe • Indigenous
Herbal Medicines • Notes.

9. Factors Responsible for the Decline of the Chothe Indigenous Religion . 413
• Introduction • The Influence of Christianity on the Chothe Indigenous Religion • Westernisation and Modernisation • Brief History of the Roman
Catholic Church among the Chothe • Is the Early Christians Siding away from their Churches? • Notes.

10. Conclusion . 435
• Summary • Findings and Key Issues of the Study • Few Remarks • Suggestions.

References . 453

Internet Sources.

Index . 523

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