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Jaya Shrivastava

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Gender discrimination and inequality has been a feature of the Indian society since ages. It cuts across class, caste, religion and state boundaries. Gender discrimination and inequality is structural in nature covering the social, cultural, economic and political domains of social life. No doubt the degree of gender discrimination and disparities has reduced after India's Independence due to the country's growth and special affirmative policies and programmes adopted by the Indian state. Women's voices of protests and movements have also played an important role in this endeavour. Still women lag behind men in contemporary India due to persisting gender discrimination and inequality prevalent in both public and private spheres of life. The volume presents a multidimensional analysis of the problem of gender discrimination and inequalities in contemporary India. It attempts to provide a largely holistic, though not exhaustive, picture of gender discrimination and inequality in contemporary India.


Dr. Jaya Shrivastava is Associate Professor of Sociology at B.B. Ambedkar (Central) University, Lucknow, India. Her areas of interest cover gender studies and social gerontology. Her publications include a book Political Sociology and papers “Locating Lohia in Feminist Theory” (Economic and Political Weekly), “Dalit Women Quest for Justice: Cases from India and Bangladesh”(Asian Journal of Women Studies), “The Dialectic of Modernity and Patriarchy: Understanding the Plight of Dalit Women in India” (IJSSDP), “Population Ageing and Affirmative Policy for the Elderly in India: A Need for Policy Reorientation”(Indian Journal of Gerontology) etc. She was awarded Raman Fellowship for conducting post-doctoral research at University of Houston-Clear Lake, USA on “Globalisation, Environmental Consciousness and Gender: A Study of the Views of US People with a focus on India's position on the issues of degradation of natural resources and climate change”. She has visited different countries like USA, South Korea and Indonesia on academic assignments. She has been awarded various scholarships, fellowships and recognitions.


Preface . 9

Contributors . 13

List of Tables . 15

List of Figures . 17

1. Introduction. 19
— Jaya Shrivastava


2. Gender Discrimination and Inequalities: Status, Causes and Solutions . 35
— Shiv Kumar Yadav

3. Discourse on Gender Discrimination and Inequality in India with special reference to Sexual Minorities. 51
— Mukesh Bharati & Preeti Misra

4. Gender Discrimination and Inequality: A Case of the Divisiveness of Consciousness . 65
— Nikhil Kumar


5. Gender Socialisation and Faces of Gender Inequality . 83
— Ritu Agarwal

6. Social Exclusion of Women: Discriminatory Practices in Contemporary Times . 99
— Anuja

7. Locating the Status of Muslim Women through the Discourse on Marriage and Divorce Laws . 115
— Vandana Singh

8. Gender Inequality and Mobile Phones: Problems and Conclusion for Developing Countries . 127
— Faisal Akhtar & Asif Akhtar Khan


9. Gender, Labour and Women’s Work: Issues, Experiences and Debates . 145
— Indrani Mazumdar

10. Gender Discrimination in Distribution of Land and Occupation in Uttar Pradesh . 165
— Lakkineni Mallaiah and Malti Singh

11. Gender Discrimination in Wage and Employment: A Case Study in Lucknow and Raibareilly Districts . 187
— Shivani Tiwari and Sanatan Nayak

12. Development-induced Displacement, Gender and Women’s Movement . 199
— Dinabandhu Sahoo and Niharranjan Mishra


13. An Insight into the State Policy and Programmes for Women Empowerment in India . 215
— Ginni Braj

14. Rights of Women against Sexual Harassment at the Workplace in India . 227
— Bhavna Suman

15. Gender Inequality, Gender Planning and SHG Bank Linkage Programme in India . 249
— Kailash Chandra Sharma

16. Mainstreaming Tribal Women in Development Process through Women SHGs: A Case Study of Jharkhand and Odisha . 261
— Vishwa Ballabh and Pooja Batra

17. Effectiveness of MGNREGA in Empowering Women . 293
— G.S. Mehta

18. Utilisation of Public Health Services by Women: A Study of Bihar . 305
— Rajeev K. Kumar

19. Women’s Organisations and Movements in India: Struggle for Gender Equality . 329
— Md. Tarique Anwer

20. Rural Women Folks Unite for Gender Equality: (A Case Study of ‘Khabar Lahariya’) . 347
— Neelu Sharma and Gopal Singh

Index . 361

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