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Saroj Kulshreshtha

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Written in simple language, this collection of eleven short stories is about people from different walks of life. It offers a fresh perspective of social and personal issues and enables us to understand that while two situations may be similar, they may evoke very different reactions and their handling will depend on the mental makeup of the people concerned and their aspirations. What enables people to sail through seemingly insurmountable calamities is their inner strength and family support.  Circumstances can throw people into throes of depression and only the valiant will survive. These stories are about such unsung heroes.


The author, Saroj Kulshreshtha, nee Verma, was born in 1943. She passed BA (1963 with English Literature as one of the subjects) and MA (1966, History) from Agra University. After a lengthy gap she did B Ed from CIE, Delhi University in 1972. This was followed by a stint (1974-1983) in Nigeria where she taught English and was Head of English Department. In 2006 she did a course in Creative Writing from IGNOU. She has written several articles, middles and short stories for Statesman, Times of India, Pioneer and The Eye. This book is her first attempt at presenting a collection of eleven stories.



Acknowledgement . 7

Preface . 9

1. Not easy being Sonia . 11

2. Kenyi . 19

3. Whistle-stop of the sunshine express . 25

4. Whirlpool . 31

5. Narayani . 39

6. Laukhi . 47

7. Baba’s birthday gift . 53

8. Would she really want to know? . 61

9. God be her guardian angel . 65

10. Written in the stars . 73

11. How could you, papa? . 79

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