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K. S. Pavithran

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Human Rights  have been the focus of study since ancient times and especially since the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) by the United Nations. Since then India is a signatory to majority of human rights agreements and pacts and has been playing a major role in the United Nations in protecting and promoting  human rights. However, the fact is that sizeable segments of its population in India are socially marginalised and remain excluded from  basic human rights. The book is an edited volume which provides scholarly articles on human rights issues. Besides theoretical debates, the essays in this volume gives a critical understanding relating to various issues in human rights related to development, environment, climate change, water, social media and cyber world. It covers a range of contentious debates and explores the changing context of human rights and a rich analysis of the politics of today's human rights issues in India.

The book will help in disseminating knowledge of human rights and create an awareness in society. It will be highly useful to students, academics and activists in the field of human rights and in social sciences.


Dr. K.S. Pavithran is currently Professor and Head of the Department of Political Science, School of Social Sciences, University of Calicut and  the Dirctor of K.M. Centre for West Asian Studies and Indian Ocean Studies, University of Calicut, Kerala.  He is the General Editor of the ISDA Journal: Studies in Development and Public Policy, Editorial Board Member of International Journal of Political Science  and Member of Editorial Advisory Board, South Asian Journal of Socio Political Studies.  He has served as a Member of the Governing Council of the Kerala State Higher Education Council during 2008-2012.  His areas of interest and research  are Political Theory and Ideologies, Secularism and Multiculturalism, Indian Political Process, and India's Foreign Policy. His publications include The Janata Interludes (1990), Non-Aligned Movement: Unipolar World and Beyond (2007), Foreign Policy and Maritime Security of India (ed.)(2013).


Preface & Acknowledgements . 7

List of Contributors . 11

1. Human Rights Experiments in India: An Introduction . 17
— P.L. Dharma

2. Modes of Oppression and the Expanding Regime of Human Rights in India . 23
— Valerian Rodrigues

3. Gandhian Approach to Human Rights . 31
— John S Moolakkattu

4. Human Rights and Liberal Tradition: Theoretical Perspectives .41
— K.S. Pavithran

5. Rhetoric, Reality and the Need for Inclusive Human Rights .51
—Sudha Mohan

6. Marketing the Environment: Environmental Rights and Corporate Environmentalism. . 69
— Nirmala V U.

7. Environmental Governance and Human Rights in India .79
— Anju Lis Kurianand C. Vinodan

8. Right to Water and Women: Privatisation, Equity and Gender.91
— Devi Parvathy

9. Human Security Concerns and Gender Reflections on Climate Change . 109
— Anjali Devi. M

10. Connecting the Disconnected’: An Appraisal of New Social Media Interventions in Human Right Scenario . 123
— Sabu Thomas

11. Human Rights and Cyber World . 141
— Ashalekshmi B.S

12. Between Industrial Development and Right to Life: The Struggle against Nitta Gelatine in Kathikudam, Kerala .151
— Shaji Varkey

Index . 169

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