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Dr. Narayan Raj

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This book which was originally in Urdu has been meticulously translated into English. It has two parts.
The first part of the book deals in detail, the birth of Brahmaji and his family tree, the creation of Universe. It also highlights the birth of Sri. Chitraguptji, his family and cast. The lineage of the family of Chitraguptji as per Vedas has been given.

The method and the times and the worship of Chitraguptji has been described. It also gives the family trees of some of the Kayasth families of India. The second part of the book contains brief biographical details of renowned Kayasth personalities of 20th Centuary.

This includes Dr.Rajender Pershad, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Munshi Prem Chand, Maha Devi Verma and Dr.Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar.
The main objective of editing, updating and translating the book is to highlight Kayasth Community.

The book is a good contribution to the history of Hindu religion and Kayasth Community specially for the English readers of the present generation.


Dr. Narayan Raj has done his Doctorate. He hails from an Illustrious Kayasth, Saxena family of Hyderabad. His seven generations were authors and writers in six different languages, such as, Hindi, Urdu, Persian, Braj, Avadhi and English.

Presently, Dr. Narayan Raj is the Managing Trustee of Narhari Pershad Charitable Trust. He is also on the Board of Directors of Dr. Zore Foundation. He has jointly compiled one book in Urdu and edited jointly a book compiled in Persian and published them. He is a joint author of the book in English entitled “The Mughals”-‘The Kings’, ‘The Queens’ and ‘The Begums’ published recently.


Preface . 9


Introduction . 19

Chapter – I . 23
• Sri Ganeshji and Parameshwarji with reason for compilation of the book • Birth of Brahmanandji meaning the four periods • Creation of Seas and Islands
• Details of Islands and Seas as per the statement of the Shastra with circle of Islands and Seas • Measurement of the Sky according to Baid (Ved) and Purana with the family tree of Brahmaji.

Chapter – II . 31
• Birth of Sri Chitraguptji with progeny and the determination of his caste, precedents of the court and evidences of the previous Pandits • Kashi, Kashmir, Nadiyad etc • Gayatri mantar jaap (recitation) of Sri Debi Baglamukhi • Family tree of the progeny of Chitraguptji Maharaj • Table and the description of the progeny of Chitraguptji Maharaj and the place by living there, the name was changed • Judgment of the court in which it has been proved that the Kayasths are from the Kshatri Caste • Statements of the previous Pandits, which are mentioned in the book ‘Kayasth Kul Nirnay’ according to Kayasth ethnology.

Chapter – III . 49
• Description of the practices and duties of the sect which are written in Vedas • Method and time of worshipping Sri Chitraguptji  aharaj which is in Padam Purana • Description of the sub-divisions of caste of 12 members of the progeny of Chitraguptji Maharaj as per Veda.

Chapter - IV . 57
Family Tree and Description of the Family of Compiler of this Book, his Relatives and other Members of the Community

Chapter – V . 105
• Family Trees and brief descriptions of Srivastav and other brethren of Mathur, Saxena, Asthana etc. residing in Hyderabad City and Madras • Family tree and description of family of Raja Lal Pershad Sahab, former resident of Hindaya, Allahabad District, presently residing at Shah AliBanda, Hyderabad Deccan
• Family tree and description of family of Raja Shiv Nandan Lal Sahab, resident of Hindiya, Kewayi, Pargana, Allahabad District adopted by the Raja Sahab
• Family tree and description of family of Rai Har Pershad, presently residing at Dabeerpura, Hyderabad Deccan • Family tree of Munshi Lalta Pershad Sahab, Accountant, Home Secretary’s office, resident of Lucknow, presently residing at Hyderabad • List of pure / genuine Kayasths of Srivastav brethren and other local residents in Hyderabad Deccan • List of pure Kayasth Srivastav, local residents of Hyderabad Deccan • Brief description of the family and the family tree of Rai Murlidhar Sahab, Talukhdar (Collector) and Rai Bhagwat Pershad Sahab, Assistant at the Court of Bidar, caste Kayasth, Asthana • Brief description of the family and the family tree of Raja Girdhari Pershad, alias Bansi Raja Bahadur, resident of Hyderabad • List of the present brethren of Saxena, locals of Hyderabad Deccan • Description of family and family tree of Maharaja Shiv Raj Dharamwant Bahadur and Raja Murli Manohar Pershad Bahadur, Kayasth Mathur, place: Hyderabad Deccan • Description of Raja Eshwar Das Sahab Dayavant Bahadur Srivastav and others, residents of Madras (now Chennai)
• Family tree of Raja Eshwar Das Sahab, resident of Madras (Now Chennai) • Description of family and family tree of Lala Kalika Das, native of Basuri of Lucknow District • Description of family and family tree of Rai Kalika Pershad and Rai Bala Pershad Saheban, formerly residents of Mehkoocha of Jonepur District • Description and relatives of Raja Eshwar Das Dayavant Bahadur, resident of Madras (now Chennai) • Description of Saheban-e-Bhatnagar, residents of Hyderabad Deccan • Conclusion of Chapter-V and description and family tree of Lala Debi Dayal Lal Sahab, resident of Aasapur village of Banaras District • Date of completion of the book.

Appendix . 151


Introduction . 157

Dr Rajendra Prasad . 161

Lal Bahadur Shastri . 165

Munshi Prem Chand . 171

Maha Devi Verma . 177

Maha Devi Verma – A Brief Script . 179

Dr Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar . 183

References . 187

Index . 189


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