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V.R. Krishna Iyer

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Sublime footprint About The Book This great work by one of India's most eminent jurists is a collecting of brief biographies of seven wondrous personalities of modern India that were legends in their own lifetime, universal spirits animated by a vast vision of humanity and endowed with an endearing quality of love that was pure divinity, telling us so intimately of frail Gandhiji and his prodigious courage , or the epic music and wisdom of Tagore, the rich public and personal contributions of Nehru, the darling of the supreme humanist Dr. Ambedkar, considered as the modern Manu, Swami Vivekananda, the glorious spiritual revolutionary whom Nehru called the cyclonic Sadhu, Krishna Menon, the acid-tongued socialist without any warts, and the sharp-tongued Sathyamurthi. These elegant , eloquent portraits are painted in the purple prose of "dear Krishna" as he was affectionately called by Nehru, and whom history will surely place in the company of these magnificent seven, assuredly, this is no ordinary biography. Contents Preface • Mahatma Gandhi - A Ceremonial Survival; A Reversal in observance • Rabindranath Tagore • Jawaharala Nehru • Dr. Ambedkar • Satyamurthi • Krishna Menon • The Voice and Wisdom of Vivekananda • Index About the author/editor Justice V R Krishna lyer, a former Minister of Kerala CPI Government, retired from Supreme Court in 1980.

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