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Shweta Nema, Indu Bansal

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The factors of adjustment and satisfaction in middle adulthood check list was developed on a sample of middle aged male and female population of Narsinghpur district (M.P .) ranging between 50-60 years of age. The present test was validated on a sample of 555 couples (i.e. n=1110) cases by using the construct validation procedure. The tool contains 81 statements categorized in five areas- physical illness and chronic disease, mental health, positive thinking and decision making, relation with lif e partner and family environment. Respondent has to tick mark (√) statements which in their opinion lower their adjustment and lif e satisfactions.


Dr . Shweta Nema has completed her PhD in Human Development from Banasthali Vidyapith Rajasthan. In her PhD she worked on middle aged couples. She made this
psychological tool for her research work. She conducted the tool on 555 middle aged male and females (total number 1,100) on their adjustment and lif e satisfaction. She has
published 11 research papers in International Journals. She published her thesis in a book form. She has keen interest in writing books and conducting further research on human development and social behavior .



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