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Ismail Thamarasseri

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This book discusses the different views of philosophy of education in western perspectives. The book will be highly useful for the M.Ed. and B. Ed. students of any University and also to them who wish to take any competitive examinations at a level where education or philosophy is one of the papers to be examined. This book attempts to perceive the approaches and the values in western educational philosophies. This book also will look on the appraisal towards western philosophies along with the implication and suggestion through the practice of philosophies. For young and adult readers, this simplified history of western educational philosophy shall help well. The explanations are necessarily simplistic and precise, though, and the references shall be followed for more information.


Dr. Ismail Thamarasseri was born and grew up in Malappuram District, Kerala, India. He holds B.A., B.Ed., M.A. Sociology, M.A. English, M.Ed. and Ph.D. degrees.  He has qualified UGC-NET (Education, Sociology, Adult Education) and Central Teacher Eligibility Test. He started his teaching career at Govt. Higher Secondary School, Cheriyamundam, Tirur, Kerala and later worked in Farook group of Educational Institutions Kottakkal, Kerala. Presently he is working as an Assistant Professor at Department of Education in Central University of Kashmir, India. He is the author of several books and published extensively in journals. He has presented various papers at National and International conferences. He is an active member of several academic bodies. The author can be mailed at ismailktkl@gmail.com


Preface ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------7
1. Philosophical Basis of Education -------------------------------------- 9
2. Educational Philosophy as a Discipline ----------------------------- 21
3. Functions of Educational Philosophy ------------------------------- 33
4. Scope and Value of Philosophy of Education --------------------- 45
5. Philosophy and Educational Aims and Curriculum ------------------- 57
6. Idealism and Naturalism ----------------------------------------------- 69
7. Pragmatism & Realism ------------------------------------------------- 81
8. Socratic Method --------------------------------------------------------- 93
9. Pythagoras -------------------------------------------------------------- 105
10. Heraclitus ---------------------------------------------------------------- 115
11. Parmenides ------------------------------------------------------------- 127
12. Stoicism------------------------------------------------------------------ 139
13. Epicureanism ----------------------------------------------------------- 151
14. Nicomachean Ethics -------------------------------------------------- 161
15. Concept of the Soul --------------------------------------------------- 173
16. The Process of Change: The Four Causes ------------------------ 183
Index ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 195

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