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Ch. Sruthi

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The  technological  advances  and  economic  liberalization  brought  about  by Globalization  leads  to  the  integration  of  economic, political  and  cultural  systems across  the  globe.  Globalization  encompasses  five  ways  of  flow namely  Ethnoscapes, Technoscapes, Financescapes, Mediascapes and Ideoscapes. Thus, globalization is a unique process which not only offers new opportunities to humankind but also brings many challenges.

In Indian context,  prior  to  globalization, every Artisan  community has a different tradition,  a  different  need  and  different capacity.  These  artisan communities were linked to consumer communities of  the locale and had domestic markets  with  local  demand  for  products.   According  to  United  Nations,  in  the advent of globalization in India, since past 30 years, the number of Indian artisans has  decreased  by  30%,  indicating  the  exigency  to  re-invest  in  artisans  to  safeguard history, culture and an important source of livelihood. Harnessing the potential of the artisan sector to preserve traditional craft, strengthen the sector, and improve the incomes  of  artisans  requires  different  types  of  investments  that  should  focus  and build  corner  stone  for  artisans'  sustainability.  This  book  has  been  a  contemporary attempt to review the scholarly literature on the status, position, cultural economics, green economics and ethnic production of Artisan ingeneral and Telangana artisans in particular.

In this Globalized era (since 1991),a meaningful analysis of the Artisan sector requires focusing on particular geographies and crafts. This book is intended to give a comprehensive  understanding  of  the  current  status of  the  Artisan  sector  in Telangana region of Southern India pertaining to Weaver, Potter and Blacksmith, it also absolutely essential to understand the Artisan value chain. The artisanal value chain  depends  on  Human  Resources,  Legal  Entities,  Credit  Facilities, Technology, Transport to markets, Quality checks, Marketing and Promotion of goods.

Globalization  has  changed  the  need  for  localized  activities  and  demand  for products  has  also  changed.  This  book  is  intended  to explore  the  changing  caste professions in relation to artisans in the specified locale especially for Pottery (skilled), Weaving(skilled) and Blacksmith (unskilled) in the context of Globalization.


Dr. CH. Sruthi has been a Research Scholar hailing from Dept. of Sociology and Social Work, Kakatiya University (A grade, Re-accredited by NAAC ). Author had Doctoral Degree for her thesis entitle “Globalization and Women Artisans : A Sociological Study of Changing Artisan Caste Professions in Telangana” from Faculty of Social Sciences, Kakatiya University, Telangana, India. Initially , author had completed her Polytechnique Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering, then Graduated in B.A. from Osmania University and M.A. in Sociology with Social Work as one of special papers from Kakatiya University. Author has also qualified UGC-NET and APSET in Sociology. To her credit, Author has published several research papers pertaining to variety of fields namely, Social Justice, Agriculture Crisis, Genetically modified crops and Food Security, Gender issues, Thematic issues on Artisans, Environmental degradation, Higher Education and Social implications, Social relevance of Scientific Inventions etc., in National and International journals.


Preface . 7

Foreword . 9

Acknowledgment . 11

List of Tables and Figures . 13

Introduction . 15

1. Artisan History . 17

2. Theoretical Perspectives on Caste . 61

3. Globalization- An Introduction. 89

4. Methodology .109

5. Globalization and Artisans: Impact Analysis . 119

6. Findings and Conclusions . 155

Bibliography . 173

Index . 185

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