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Edited by:- P. M. Kamath

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‘Act East Policy’ is an innovation of the NDA II government led by Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. The chosen theme for a MEA sponsored seminar was: Act East Policy of NDA II and Primary Goals: Economic Development, Democracy and National Security. Book is the product based on revised and updated contributions of twenty eminent scholars. Readers can experience the focused content on economic development, promotion of democracy and shared sense of security of India and the nations of the East and South East Asia.

It also brings out the present reality that China being a dominant nation in the region, while promoting multi- polarity globally, within Asia demands status as the numero uno as it aims globally to replace the US as the primary super power; replacing the US as the regionally sole dominant power in Asia. India is seen by the regional nations and the US, as the regional partner in maintaining democratic order, promotion of economic cooperation and geopolitical balance.
The book should be immensely useful to policy-makers globally, students of International relations and foreign policy of the region and general public interested in the region's turbulent affairs-domestic as well as foreign.


Dr. P.M. Kamath is the Chairman & Hon. Director of VPM's Centre for International Studies (Regd), Mumbai-affiliated to Mumbai University. He retired as Professor of Politics from Bombay University after 25 years of distinguished service. He has authored or edited 22 books and published over a hundred research papers in National and International journals. Dr. Kamath is an authority on National Security, security policy-making in the US and India and International Politics. He was recipient of many research fellowships in India and abroad. He was awarded Fulbright fellowship twice; first time to work in the School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University, Washington, DC and second time in the national Security Studies Program, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. Currently he is also the Managing Trustee of Indian Association of American Studies.


Preface . 7

List of Contributors . 9

Introduction . 11
– P. M. Kamath

1. India’s Act East Policy-A Need for Enhancing Connectivity . 19
– Rashmi Bhure & Vidyadhar Malegaonkar

2. Indian Diaspora in Malaysia . 31
– Vasundhara Mohan

3. Challenges and Opportunities of Democracy in Myanmar . 45
– Sudhir Singh

4. Using India’s Growing Soft Power in Act East Policy . 53
– Prakash Almeida

5. India Acting-East: Re-Envisioning Foreign Policy, Re-Calibrating Diplomacy, Re-Imagining National Interest . 61
— Dattesh D. Parulekar

6. Trans-Oceanic Security Architecture in Asia: Exploring the Rationale of India-US Partnership . 93
– Vivek Mishra

7. China and Regional Integration in South Asia: Lessons from the European Experience . 107
— B. Krishnamurthy

8. China’s Creeping Invasion of South China Sea and India’s Response . 121
– P G Kamath

9. India and Japan: Renewed Expectations for a Strategic Partnership . 141
– Amruta Deshmukh & Prachee Phadke

 10. Russia, China and Japan: Cooperation and Conflict . 153
— R.G. Gidadhubli

11. India’s Role in the Multilateral Synergies in the Conservation of Tibetan River Systems . 161
— Sudhir B Shetty

12. Know Your Enemy and Adversary: Know the Fault Lines . 177
– D.B. Shekatkar

13. China’s ‘New Normal’ and the Security Struggle betweenRising Powers . 185
– Rajiv Gupte

14. China and Pakistan as the Adversaries of India: Recent Trends . 197
— Annpurna Nautiyal

15. India’s China Policy under NDA II: Geopolitics at its Best . 215
— P. M. Kamath

16. Dynamics of India-Vietnam (Non-Alliance) Strategic Partnership: The US Role . 227
— Jagmohan Meher

17. Rebalancing with India . 251
— Sarosh Bana

18. Nuclearization of the Korean Peninsula: A Threat to Security of the East Asian Community and India’s Initiatives under NDA II Government . 265
— B.N. Mehrish

19. China as India’s Adversary . 273
— G. Ramachandram

20. Security Engagement Against Non-traditional Maritime Challenges: Imperative for India’s Act East Policy . 283
— Kavita Sharma

Index . 293

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