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Editors:- Sitakanta Mishra, Neeta Sinha

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Contemporary Concern is a thematic interlace of research papers on pressing issues that the humanity is confronting at present. With intriguing analyses on cyber/social media, corporate, fiscal policy, strategic, and gender issues, the volume attempts to bring forth the veracity of concerns with which the entire world has not been able to come in term with even though they are thriving for the last couple of decades.

Scholars and practitioners from various strands have delved into specific concerns, deconstructing their culmination to suggest out of box solutions while acknowledging the fact that these would continue exasperate the humanity with their mutated nomenclature.



Dr. Sitakanta Mishra is currently a faculty of International Relations at the School of Liberal Studies (SLS) of Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University (PDPU), Gujarat (India), and Co-Managing Editor of the Liberal Studies Journal (Gujarat).

Previously, he was a Research Fellow at the Centre for Air Power Studies (CAPS), New Delhi, and a Guest Faculty at the Nelson Mandela Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. Dr. Mishra received his PhD from the Centre for South Asian Studies of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi. Formerly, he was also the Associate Editor of the Indian Foreign Affairs Journal, New Delhi. During September–December 2013, he was a Visiting Research Scholar at Cooperative Monitoring Centre, Sandia National Laboratories USA, and a CRDF (USA) Visiting Scholar in 2014.

Dr Mishra has authored several books, monographs and research papers related to nuclear safety-security, terrorism, nuclear energy, nuclear proliferation, cruise missiles, Indian foreign policy, and South Asian affairs. He is also involved in Indo-Pak track-two dialogue.

Dr Neeta Sinha is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at the School of Liberal Studies (SLS) of Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University (PDPU), Gujarat (India), and Co-Managing Editor of the Liberal Studies Journal (Gandhinagar, Gujarat). Her teaching, research and industry experience spans over two decades. Dr. Sinha is a Behavioural psychologist, academician and corporate Trainer.

Dr Sinha holds her Ph.D in the interdisciplinary area of Psychology and Management, Diploma in Mental Retardation from NIMH, New Delhi, and MA Psychology from Patna University, Bihar, India. She is a corporate trainer and her professional experience includes analysis and evaluation of Organization Behaviour, Organizational development and other merging psychological concerns. She is a visiting faculty to several research and academic institutions. She has presented papers at various international and national conferences, workshops and seminars, and has several publications to her credit both at the national and international level.


Preface . 7

Foreword . 13


1. Concern for Human Future in Digital Media Era of India. 17
— Binod C. Agrawal

2. Big Data Analytics: A Prospective Solution to Business Hitches . 29
— Nidhi Arora

3. Social Media: Muscular Limbs, Worrisome Belly. 47
— Pradeep Mallik


4. Smart Cities and India’s Model for Sustainable Urbanism. 59
— Mihir Bholey

5. Plain Language for Professional Prudence . 85
— Harmik Vaishnav

6. Millennial Generation HR Concerns . 97
— Neeta Sinha, Supriya Pal


7. Post Demonetization Portfolio Basket: An Outlook to Financial Planning and Portfolio Management for a Retail Investor . 119
— Swati Gupta

8. Decent Work and Employment Stability in Information Technology Industry: A Case Study of India . 133
— Nausheen Nizami


9. Pandora of Paradoxes: Right Wing Upsurge in the Twenty-First Century . 153
— Shilpa Parasrampuria

10. NSG Exemption for Pakistan? ... No . 169
— Reshmi Kazi

11. India-Pakistan Collaborative Framework on Nuclear Security: 189
— Manisha Chaurasiya

12. Illegal Cross-Border Migration in South Asia: Impediments to Regional Peace and Stability. 205
— Sitakanta Mishra

13. China in Latin America: The Evolving Asymmetric Relations . 219
— E. Dilipraj


14. Forced Marriage Law in Britain: Predicament of Indian Women . 239
— Parvathy Poornima

15. Gender Stereotyping on the Basis of Clothes . 253
— Aanchal Jha

Authors Profile . 267

Index . 269

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