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Sandip Gyanaprakash

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The narrator decides to take an escape for a short period from all the hustle and bustle of life. After the twelfth boards, he packs up with his group of cronies to head forward to the paradise of India, the heavenly kingdom, KASHMIR.

He and his companions had planned the voyage to be filled with food, drinks, smoke, some naughty acts, flirting and the serenity that nature had to offer. Nevertheless, the divinity planned it in a very different way for the narrator.

Reaching Jammu railway station, his eyes glued on a beautiful creation of God, a Rajasthani girl. Coincidence takes them to the same hotel in Kashmir. He strikes a friendship with her that turns into intense love. The nature and the situations did not fail to play their role as catalysts. The trip did end but their souls merged into one. However, destiny had its own way of making the moves, taking the narrator's life into desolation...


A young media professional, from an advertising agency, he is a dynamic personality. He hails from Odisha from an upper middle class family with high values and principles in his life. He explains the narrator's life, the losses that made him weak and the pain that made him even stronger through his writing. He is a thinker and loves spending his time penning down his thoughts in black and white. His existence makes the atmosphere exuberant. He is a true follower and appreciator of JK Rowling and her works.



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