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S. Narayan

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This book Internal Security presents Internal Security in global perspective with special reference to INDIA. Internal Security is primarily focused on rules and regulations of each country discussed in this book to maintain sovereignty and integrity of each country as well to provide peaceful life and systematic sustainable life to citizens of each country The mode and practices of each country has also been discussed. This book will be useful for civil service aspirants and students, Policymakers, Bureaucrats, Politicians and those interested in global internal security in general and of India in particular.


Professor Emeritus S. Narayan, Member, Commissioner, Nomadic Tribes, Govt. of India. Formerly in NHRC. Former Director, A N Sinha Institute, Patna. Former SK Dey Chair Professor. Former Scientist of ISRO and formerly Member Taskforce on Panchyat, Govt. of Bihar. RUSA. Govt. of Jharkhand etc.


Preface . 7

1. Introduction . 9

2. Internal Security of India . 11

3. Internal Security of Burma . 19

4. Internal Security of China . 23

5. Internal Security of Japan . 29

6. Internal Security of Nepal . 35

7. Internal Security of Pakistan . 41

8. Internal Security of Sri Lanka . 53

9. Internal Security of France . 63

10. Internal Security of Russia . 69

11. Internal Security of South Africa. 79

12. Internal Security of USA. 87

13. Internal Security of United Kingdom. 91

14. Internal Security of Philippines . 97

15. Internal Security of Switzerland . 101

16. Internal Security of Italy . 105

17. Internal Security of Germany . 111

18. Internal Security of North Korea . 117

19. Donald Trump Met Kim Jong Un . 123

Index . 125

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