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Human Rights and the World Today is an edited book with papers dealing with different issues of human rights which have assumed significance in the contemporary world. The whole world is in a state of flux. The civil wars in different parts of the globe have caused death and sufferings for many. Millions are yet to access the basic human rights, as on today. Even in democracies, rights of human beings, including women, children, minorities etc are affected adversely. The book has tried to touch upon evolution of human rights, the universality-difference debate, a right based perspective regarding gender and entrepreneurship in India, human rights violations in Nigeria-Biafra war, trafficking of women, growth of children's rights movement in India, human rights in West Bengal and finally, depiction and analysis of human rights in Indian films. This book is expected to serve research scholars, academicians and people who are interested in human rights issues.

This book will be useful for students in Political Science, Economics, Geography, Sociology, Psychology etc. This will serve as a valuable handbook for learners and faculties of M Phil and Ph D courses.


Dr Arundhati Bhattacharyya is an Assistant Professor in Department of Political Science in Diamond Harbour Women's University, West Bengal.She has graduated from Presidency College, Kolkata with Political Science (Honours) and her Masters is on Politics with specialization in International Relations from Jawaharlal Nehru University. Her doctoral degree is from University of Calcutta. She has completed UGC-Minor Research Project and ICSSR-Major Research Project. She has been a resource person of MHRD. She is an active speaker in conferences, nationally and internationally. She has already published 4 books Sexual Harassment In the Indian Bureaucracy: Violation of Human Rights, Political Participation of Women in West Bengal: A Study, Indian Women at the Crossroads and India in the Global Order: Challenges and Opportunities. She has contributed papers in journals and books, including, Sage Encyclopedia, Springer, Palgrave etc. Her areas of interest are Gender, Human Rights and International Relations. She has been invited by  the Committee on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), Geneva, United Nations to speak on Indian Rural Women.


Acknowledgement . 9

Preface . 11

List of Contributors . 13

Introduction . 17
— Arundhati Bhattacharyya

Chapter - I
Origin and Evolution of Human Rights . 41
— Gautam Majumdar

Chapter - II
Identity, Culture and Human Rights: The Universality- Difference Debate . 57
— Molly Ghosh

Chapter - III
Gender and Entrepreneurship in India: A Right Based Perspective & Ground Reality . 69
— Chandan Roy and Susmita Chatterjee

Chapter - IV
A Study on Human Rights Violations in Nigeria-biafra War: Patterns and Evolution. 89
James Okolie-Osemene

Chapter - V
Violation of Human Right: Trafficking of Women — An Understanding . 107
— Susmita Bhattacharyya

Chapter - VI
From Welfare to Rights: Growth of Children’s Rights Movement in India . 119
— Sutapa Ghosh

Chapter - VII
Human Rights Violation in West Bengal . 149
— Keya Bagchi

Chapter - VIII
Human Rights: Indian Cinema: A Voice to the Voiceless . 183
— Rwita Dutta

Index . 197

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