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Adhikarla S Rao

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This book is of immediate and future national relevance and to be read by all general public and social custodians from all backgrounds. Those who can't read English must be appraised by others in their native language to spread awareness which is of paramount importance. Subject matter of the book will equip the public and social custodians to deal with wide range of untoward happenings and strengthen the nation. Readers are strongly advised to first read critically the first chapter of “Preface and Introduction”.


Professor A. S. Rao, professionally is a Biochemist and served Haryana Agricultural University and Bharathidasan University. Before retiring held important positions in Bharathidasan University. Had academic interactions in Switzerland, France, U.K., Germany, Netherlands and Singapore. Has nearly three decades of academic experience contributing actively to teaching, research, administration and policy planning. He has published four books concerning strengthening of Education and Science& Technology and promoting social harmony & values.


Foreword .7

Acknowledgement . 9

Author’s Preface and Introduction . 11

Chapter - 1
Electoral Controversies/Criticisms . 17

Chapter - 2
Commercialisation . 25

Chapter - 3
Demonetisation, Loan Defaulters, Bank & Ponzi Schemes and Controversies . 43

Chapter - 4
Sophisticated malpractices, Tax Evasion, Misappropriation of Funds and Hawala Transactions . 55

Chapter - 5
Items (goods)/Real Estate/Land/Infrastructure development/Disproportionate assets . 67

Chapter - 6
Defence/Sports/Environment/Religious . 91

Chapter - 7
Railways/Airlines/Liquor (prohibition)/Sex . 107

Chapter - 8
Digital/Cyber Crime . 115

Epilogue . 127

Index . 137

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