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Contemporary Anthropological Research in Eastern and North Eastern India

Author Edited by: Sarthak Sengupta
Year 2017
Binding Hardback
Pages 306
ISBN10, ISBN13 8121213584, 9788121213585
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The Title 'Contemporary Anthropological Research in Eastern and North Eastern India written/authored/edited by Edited by: Sarthak Sengupta', published in the year 2017. The ISBN 9788121213585 is assigned to the Hardcover version of this title. This book has total of pp. 306 (Pages). The publisher of this title is Gyan Publishing House. This Book is in English. The subject of this book is Anthropology, Tribal Studies. POD
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Since the nineteenth century, the Eastern and North Eastern part of India has drawn the attention of the anthropologists from different parts of the globe In this concise, affordable anthology, thirty-eight scholars have made use of their expertise knowledge in their respective subject domain to write lucid and thoroughly insightful chapters on contemporary anthropological studies dealing with varied anthropological dimensions; covering various tribes and castes from this expanse. Few young promising anthropologists could also participate in this venture.

This comprehensive volume features with an abundance of inimitable resources and extensive investigation on ethnography, prehistoric art, cosmopolitanism, indigenous health practices, religious traditions etc. The volume is extremely motivating, constructive and certainly serves up the curiosity of anthropologists and other social scientists both at the teaching and research level, as well as planners and policy makers with a concern about the ethnic groups of the region.



SARTHAK SENGUPTA is an alumnus of Dibrugarh and Gauhati University respectively. He also worked with the Anthropological Survey of India, Government of India and North Eastern Hill University, Shillong for quite some time and conducted intensive field investigations among diverse tribes and castes in North East India and Uttar Pradesh. Professor Sengupta has about 260 research publications besides eighteen well-knitted books on North East Indian tribes.  He has mentored eight Ph.Ds and completed around ten major research projects being sponsored by UGC; ICSSR; DST; ICMR etc.

Professor Sengupta is associated with many Indian Universities in the matters of Post Graduate education in Anthropology. He is an active life and executive member of several professional anthropological bodies and served as a member of the editorial boards of several reputed journals.

Dr. Sengupta is at present Professor of Anthropology; and Director (i/c), Centre for North East Studies, Dibrugarh University, Assam. His current research interest is genetical demography, globin gene distribution, population genetics, bio-social studies, diet and nutrition, indigenous health practices of the disadvantaged tribal population groups of North East India. 



List of Tables . 11
List of Figures . 13
Acknowledgements . 15
Prologue . 17
List of Contributors . 19

Chapter – 1
Interrogating Cosmopolitanism from Anthropological Perspective . 23

— Sekh Rahim Mondal
• Introduction • Reviewing the Concept of Cosmopolitanism • Cosmopolitanism and Cultural Diversities • Cosmopolitanism and Multiculturalism • Cosmopolitanism and Human Rights • Concluding Remarks • References.

Chapter – 2
The Chitrakars of Eastern India: An Attempt at Interpreting Prehistoric Art . 33
—Debasis Kumar Mondal, Kakali Bhattacharjee and Ranjana Ray
• Introduction • Patuas or Chitrakars • History of Pata-Chitra • Patuas of
West Bengal • The Patas, the Art • Types of ‘Patachitras’ • Symbols,
Myths and Cosmologies • References.

Chapter – 3
Study on the Somatotype of Male Oraons of North 24 Parganas, West Bengal . 47
—Tanaya Kundu Chowdhury and Subrata K. Roy
• Introduction • Materials and Methods • Results • Discussion • References.

Chapter – 4
Is Menopausal Status Related to Body Fat Distribution and Blood Sugar Level? A Study among Urban Living Bengali Hindu Women . 61
— Debasmita Kar, Nivedita Som and Subha Ray
• Introduction • Materials and Methods • Statistical Analyses • Result • Discussion • Conclusion • References.

Chapter – 5
Biophysical Properties of Human Scalp Hair: A Study on the Variation of Water Absorption Among the Two Ethnic Groups from India . 85
—Madhumati Chatterjee and Arup Ratan Bandyopadhyay
• Introduction • Materials and Methods • Results and Discussion • salutation • References.

Chapter – 6
Child Health in North East India . 93
—Susmita Bharati, Manoranjan Pal and Premananda Bharati
• Introduction • Methodology • Results • Discussion • References.
Chapter – 7
Hunting Ethnography: Narratives of Hunting from Bolung Village, Arunachal Pradesh. 107
—Queenbala Marak and Jintu Kalita
Hunting as cultural practices • Padam tribe of Arunachal Pradesh • Traditional know how of hunting expeditions • Cultural beliefs associated with hunting • Food procuring practice • References.

Chapter -8
History of Religion of Indigenous Population of Brahmaputra Valley . 121
—Chandra Jyoti Sonowal
• Introduction • Religion Defined • The Study of Religion • The Changing Aspects of Religion • Parochial Form of Hinduism in Assam • Changes of Religious Faith Among the Indigenous Population • Conclusion • References.

Chapter – 9
Fragile Peace and Travesty of Justice: The Case of the BTAD in Assam . 145
—Melvil Pereira and Angshuman Sarma
• Creation of BTAD • Demographic Profile of BTAD • Population by Tribes in BTAD • Uneven Representation of Communities in BTC • Anomalies in BTAD Accord • Democratic Values and Fragile Justice • References.

Chapter – 10
Indebtedness and Credit System among the Rabha of Assam . 159
—Surajit Kumar Pal
• Features of Credit and Indebtedness • Type and Nature of Credit Operations • Observation and Conclusion • Note.

Chapter – 11
Traditional Village Institutions of the Karbis of Assam. 175
—R. P. Athparia
• Introduction • Traditional Village Institutions of the Karbis • Traditional Administration of the Karbis • Functions of Habai • Village Council (Mei) • Functions of Mei • Impact of Colonial Rule on the Traditional Village Institutions • Post-Independence Period • Traditional Village Institutions and the Autonomous Council • Panchayati Raj Institutions, the Autonomous Council and the State Government • Conclusion • References.

Chapter – 12
Effects of Certain Socio-economic and Demographic Variables on the Prevalence of Stunting among Adolescent Girls of Assam . 189
—Nitish Mondal, Jyotismita Sharma and Kh. Narendra Singh
• Introduction • Materials and Methods • Results • Discussion • Conclusion
• salutation • References.

Chapter – 13
Nutritional Status and Food Consumption among Karbi Adolescent Girls of Kamrup District of Assam. 207
—Ritu Geu Goswami and Mini Bhattacharyya Thakur
• Introduction • Methodology • Results • Consumption of Food • Nutritional Status • Discussion • References.

Chapter – 14
Ethnomedicinal Practices among the Dibongiya Deoris of Assam . 217
—Juri Borah and S. Sengupta
• Introduction • Materials and Methods • Results and Discussion • Conclusion • salutation • References.

Chapter – 15
Body Image and Reproductive Health of Married Adolescent Women in Manipuri Muslim Community . 227
—M C Arunkumar and Irengbam Bijeta
• Body Image Perception • Reproductive Health of Adolescent Manipuri Muslim Girls • Awareness Regarding Early Child Bearing • References.

Chapter – 16
Return of the Nepalese Migrants Working in the Coal Mines of Jaintia Hills, Meghalaya . 243
—Rashmi Upadhyay and Geetika Ranjan
• Introduction • Methods • Studies on Return Migration • Types of Return Migration • Return-Success and Failure • Imagined Return to Nepal • Reasons for not Returning to Nepal • Inter-Ethnic Marriages • Coal Mines has become Home • Example from the Field-Permanent Migrant Worker • Coal Mine as a Hiding Place • Circular Return Migrants • Abroad Returnee • Stranger at Home • Women and Return • Memories from the Returned Migrant Workers • Adjustment Problem • Returned with Ill Health • Family Went to the Coal Mines to Bring their Lost Ones • Old to Earn • Work after Return • Conclusion • Note • References.

Chapter – 17
Eruption of Permanent Teeth among the Khasi of Shillong, Meghalaya . 265
—D. K. Limbu and S. Saikia
• Introduction • Materials and Methods • Results and Discussion • Sequence of Eruption • References.

Chapter – 18
Buddhism in the Himalaya with Special Reference to Buddhism in Sikkim . 281
—Manis Kumar Raha
• Buddhism in the Himalayan Region • Buddhism in Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir • Buddhism in Lahaul and Spiti, Himachal Pradesh • Buddhism in Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh • Buddhism among the Bhotia of Uttaranchal • Buddhism in the Eastern Himalayas • Buddhism in Bhutan • Buddhism in Nepal •  uddhism in Sikkim • Saga Dawa • Lhabab Dhuechen • Losar • Bumchu • Guru Rimpoche’s Trungkar Tshechu • Drukpa Tsheshi • Phang Lhabsol • Losoong • References.

Index. 295





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