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Terrorism Miscellany

Author P. M. Kamath
Year 2017
Binding Hardback
Pages 308
ISBN10, ISBN13 8121213509, 9788121213509
Short Description
The Title 'Terrorism Miscellany written/authored/edited by P. M. Kamath', published in the year 2017. The ISBN 9788121213509 is assigned to the Hardcover version of this title. This book has total of pp. 308 (Pages). The publisher of this title is Gyan Publishing House. This Book is in English. The subject of this book is Terrorism.
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Terrorism is the greatest challenge to Indian National Security today. Threat of terrorism has been in the process of growth in the South Asian region since 1979 after the Soviet military intervention in Afghanistan. In this Terrorism Miscellany author through sixty articles discusses various facets of terrorism.

Terrorism Miscellany takes readers from the beginning to right up to the Modi government's handling of terror attack on Pathankot Airbase in January 2016; and Rajnath Singh's visit to Islamabad to attend SAARC Home Minister's Conference in Islamabad in August 2016 to highlight the fact that terrorists can under no circumstances be considered as patriots. While terrorism is the main theme, Miscellany has also two sub themes: How Pakistan is using it to grab J & K's territory, beyond illegally held PoK and, second highlights US policy of 'Double Speak' over the period.

It highlights failures of various governments in fully comprehending the gravity of the threat since the beginning as seen in considering it as raised by “misguided boys” in the 1980s and the 1990s. Today Pakistan is not only the epicenter of cross border terrorism against India but is also the Global University to train and promote terrorists.

Author makes several suggestions to effectively tackle the threat of terror. What stands out as the most important recommendation is his suggestion to treat terrorism as an act of war against India—and not an issue of law and order—and act accordingly.

The book should be of considerable interest to every citizen interested in contemporary national security issues. It is a handy guide to policy-makers, diplomats and current political leaders and aspiring ones.


Dr. P. M. Kamath is the Chairman and Hon. Director of VPM’s Centre for International Studies (Regd.), Mumbai, affiliated to Mumbai University. He retired as Professor of Politics from Bombay University after twenty five years of distinguished service. He has authored/edited twenty books and published over a hundred research papers in National and International journals. Dr. Kamath is an authority on national security, security policy-making in the US and India and International Politics. He was recipient of many research fellowships in India and abroad. He was awarded Fulbright fellowship twice; first time to work in the School of Advanced International Studies, John Hopkins University, Washington, DC and the second time in the National Security Studies Program me, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. Currently he is also the Managing Trustee of Indian Association of American Studies and Adjunct Professor, Department of Geopolitics and International Relations in Manipal University, Manipal.


Foreword . 7
Preface . 9
Introduction . 11
1. India is not Fighting a War in Kashmir . 41
2. India’s Kashmir Policy: All Rhetoric and no Action . 45
3. US Doublespeak on Terrorism Must End . 51
4. Never Say Die . 55
5. The Burden of Refuge . 59
6. Taking on Terrorism . 63
7. Is India Serious about Curbing Terrorists? . 67
8. Division of Interest . 71
9. Kosovo now: Kashmir next? . 75
10. Double Trouble . 79
11. Blame Game . 83
12. Save Children from Terrorists . 87
13. Spare the Child. 91
14. Pakistan as a Terrorist State. 95
15. Pledge to Commit . 99
16. Divide and Rule . 103
17. War on Terrorism: Impact on India . 107
18. What is Central? Kashmir or American Interest?. 111
19. Why do Our Politicians Lack will to Fight Terrorism?. 115
20. Pakistan-sponsored Terrorism and China . 119
21. American Moment of Decision on Terrorism . 123
22. Evolving a Strategy against Cross-border Terrorism. 127
23. Godhra Terrorism: Is it Political or Communal? . 131
24. Criminals in India are Favoured Guests of Musharraf . 135
25. Ramifications of Violence on Indo-Pak Relations . 139
26. Will the US Fight India’s War against Terrorism? . 143
27. Different Options to End Pak-sponsored Terrorism . 147
28. Time to Pursue Uniform Policy Against International Terrorism . 151
29. Post-election Kashmir Scenario: Implications for Indian Foreign Relations . 155
30. UN Must Make all Nations Pursue Secularism . 159
31. Islamic Pakistan Posing a Greater Threat to the World . 163
32. What can Indian Kashmiris Learn from Sri Lankan Tamils? . 167
33. US Must Act Against Pak, The Real Epicentre of Global Terrorism . 171
34. Terrorism at Our Doors - How Do We Counter the Threat? . 175
35. Pakistan Must Learn to Dictate to Terrorists: Sooner the Better . 179
36. What do People in Islamabad Speak about Kashmir Issue? . 183
37. Weed Out Anti-national Elements: Muslims Must Help . 187
38. A strategic Triangle in the Offing: War Against Terrorism . 191
39. Cross-border Terrorism now Localised: Will it Again be Internationalised? . 195
40. Don’t Play Politics with National Security: UPA Soft on Terrorism? . 199
41. Terrorism, a Non-issue to Pakistanis and their US Supporters . 203
42. Return to the Valley . 207
43. Why New Colonies for Pandits? Let them Go Back to their Old Homes . 209
44. What Maniyappan’s Murder Told Us . 213
45. Stop Bragging, Bring to Book Blast Culprits. 215
46. Don’t Give in to Blackmail . 219
47. Musharraf Warns West, Clings on to Al-Qaeda and Taliban . 223
48. Alleged Terror Link of few Muslims: All Indians Suffer . 227
49. Musharraf Under Fire from Moderates Too . 231
50. Why Naxals Alone? Islamic Terror is Equally a Security Threat . 235
51. Pak Deserves being Placed on Terror List . 239
52. Ghulam Nabi Fai that I knew. 243
53. Terror of 13/7: Lessons to be Learnt . 247
54. Delhi Terror of 7/9 High Time for the Federal Government to Draw Lessons . 251
55. Clemency for Terrorists -Undesirable in Every Way. 255
56. Ajmal Kasab and Imran Khan. 261
57. Inertia on ISIS will Prove Dear . 265
58. Terror Lessons Pak Holds Out . 269
59. What use this bonhomie? . 273
60. Can Pakistan Dismount the Terror-tiger? . 279
61. Postscript: Uri Terror and Gains of Surgical Strike . 285
Index . 291


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