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An Anthology of Dalit Literature (Poems)

Author Mulk Raj Anand, Eleanor Zelliot
Year 1992
Binding Hardback
Pages 178
ISBN10, ISBN13 8121204194, 9788121204194
Short Description
The Title 'An Anthology of Dalit Literature (Poems) written/authored/edited by Mulk Raj Anand, Eleanor Zelliot', published in the year 1992. The ISBN 9788121204194 is assigned to the Hardcover version of this title. This book has total of pp. 178 (Pages). The publisher of this title is Gyan Publishing House. This Book is in English. The subject of this book is Literature / Linguistic / Scheduled Castes / OBC / Minorities /Sociology.
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English (language) | 1992 (year) |
Anthology of Dalit Lirerature About The Book This unique selection of the heart-rending expression in prose and poetry by contemporary Dalit poets are passionate protests of the rejected. Contents Some words by way of preface to Dalit poems by Mulk Raj Anand • Dalit Sahitya: The Historical Background by Eleanor Zelliot • Hira Bansode • Bosom Friend • Slave • O Great Man • Phralad Chendwankar • Empty Advice • Patil • Arjun Dangle • Revolution • Namdeo Dhasal • Amber/Sky Alcohols in the Glass • Leaving the House • Their Eternal Pity • Now, Now • Ambedkar: 79 • Ambedkar: 80 • So That My Mother May be Convinced • Song of the Republic and the Dog • On the Way to the Durgah • Poverty as My Own Independent Piece of Land • Mina Gaybhiye • The Weeping Wound of Centuries • Both Are Useless • Anuradha Gaurav • Request • Arun Kamble • Speech • The Life We Live • Primal Bond • Waman Kardak • I Don’t Get Angry • In the Darkness within Me • Jyoti Lanjewar • Mother • The Nameless Ones • Mina Londe • Yeshwant Manohar • I’ am Ready for Revolt • Keshav Meshram • One Day I Cursed that Mother fucker God • Waman Nimbalkar • Mother • Caste • Words • Daya Pawar • Buddha • The Gods of Ochre • The City • Four Poems: 1-Hiroshima • Four Poems: 2-Oh! Great Poet • Four Poems:3- You Wrote from Los Angeles • Four Poems: 4-Tree • Sanskrit • Siddartha Nagar • J.V. Pawar • I Have Become the Tide • It’s Reddening on the Horizon • Naked Mind • Trymbak Sapkale • Angulimal • Eklavya • Do you Want be a Mother • Day • Navayan Surve • For I am a Brahma • Suggestions for Further Reading in English. About The Author/Editor Dr. Mulk Raj Anand, is the author of the novel, Untouchable, which has been translated into twentyfive languages of the world and a Penguin contemporary classic. Dr. Eleanor Zelliot, is a noted academician of Dalit literature, and Professor of History in Carelton College, Northfield Main, Minesota, USA>
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